"Brain Power" Lion's Maine  & Cacao

"Brain Power" Lion's Maine & Cacao

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100% pure, organic certified, honest, premium Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality. Blended with traditional Maya spices to enhance the health and heart opening effects of ceremonial cacao and LION’S MANE Hericium Erinaceus. This mushroom is also known as the nr.1 Nootropic helping to improve brain function. Lion’s Mane is a very well studied medical mushroom, non-psychedelic and becoming the most popular one in the lives of creative artists and students. This blend contains 1000mg of a Dual-extract with more than 30% Polysaccharides. The high quality ceremonial cacao is coming straight from indigenous Maya tribes, out of Southern Belize. In the ancient Maya lands cacao is considered a sacred plant where they have been using it for thousands as a plant medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual body. The Indigenous Maya family farmers pass their knowledge about the sacred plants from generation upon generation and harvest their cacao with deep respect for "La Madre Tierra