June 18th - Expanding Consciousness - The Science, the Art & the Play

June 18th - Expanding Consciousness - The Science, the Art & the Play

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Expanding Consciousness - The Science, the Art & the Play

Date: 6/18

Time: 6:30 (2 hours)

Cost: $20 (plus tax)

Limit: 10 Students


We are co-creating our reality whether or not we are aware of it;

so we might as well be aware of it!

The future of this human race is dependent upon each one of us waking up from our numb and disconnected states of habits and patterns, taking personal ownership of our thoughts, and co-creating our lives from a place of curious engagement with our consciousness.

We – Kelsey and Amy – are committed to helping others cultivate consciousness and creating a practice that is FUN.  

Kelsey (https://www.kelseyfurlong.com/) is a Transformational Coach & Energy Activator. She helps visionary men & women cultivate total autonomy & mastery- mentally, physically, spiritually- so that they can consciously evolve into their highest expression of self and activate their limitless creative power. She believes that this life is best lived fully expressed, doing what we're passionate about and being on purpose by contributing our unique gifts to the collective.

Amy (www.amyfaurore.com) is a Spiritual Life Coach who guides the Awakening woman who is exploring “the Something More:” she feels in her bones. She guides the Seeker who has woken up and is exploring her Authentic Intuitive essence, hungry to explore the complexities and beauty of this human existence, and ready to practice CONSCIOUSLY Creating her life using spiritual philosophies and principles..  

We have been brought together to create this offering for a regularly occurring workshop that will bring consciousness exploration and practice to a whole new level.

You’d fit right in if you are committed to the cultivation of consciousness.

Maybe you have gained access that delicious creative Flow state,

or you’ve felt the magic of being fully present with other humans,

Perhaps you’ve felt the high of increased vitality,

or maybe you’ve heard the intuitive whisper coming in louder,

Or you’ve felt your voice strengthen and your communication clarify,  

And experienced that glorious hum of alignment when you show up authentically,

….And you want more of it.

Join us in this process of conscious awareness expansion, which is never ending and always evolving, leaving plenty of opportunities for practice -- but where does one intentionally practice this stuff?

We are committed to creating a space for fun and experiential practice of consciousness development.

We will talk about theory and practice of course, and debunk some myths about various practices and the reputations that come with them, but most of the workshop will be hands-on practice.

We will play with guided meditations, creative play exercises, movement practices, artistic expressions, and many other ways of exploring a bit deeper into what makes us human, and how we can leverage this HUMAN-NESS in a world, so powerfully dependent upon us to CREATE with it.