Brecciated Jasper Tumbled
Brecciated Jasper Tumbled

Brecciated Jasper Tumbled

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*Tumbled at Gemini's*

Brecciated Jasper   

A red jasper that was shattered through tectonic movement and then healed back together with quartz.   

Hardness: 7 

Structure:  Trigonal 

Zodiac:  Aries, Scorpio 

Chakras: root, sacral 

Properties: Supreme Nurturer 

Physical:  Stone of strength and vitality, Can be used to overcome sexual guilt or shame, and a great stone to promote intimate compatibility 

Emotional:   Good worry stone for its nurturing and calming properties, Helps quell feelings of overwhelm especially with tasks of organization or house keeping of all kinds 

Spiritual: Stimulates the root and sacral energy centers, Helps to purify and energize these chakras, aids postpartum depression recovery