CHOOSING ME BEFORE WE Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love

CHOOSING ME BEFORE WE Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love

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Stop Chasing Fairy-tale Princes and Discover Your True Hero: Yourself

Full of sass, soul, and the type of empowering wisdom that no woman should live without, Choosing ME before WE is like a heart-to-heart with your closest girlfriend. And best of all, you’ll discover that your closest girlfriend is your own truest self, inside you, always ready to offer wise, loving advice and counsel about what is best for you.

Designed to challenge and guide women to create the relationships they want instead of the ones they often find themselves stuck in, this book is packed with:

· Stimulating questions to uncover what’s true for you, daring you to get downright real about yourself and your relationships
· Powerful techniques to change old habits that sabotage your dreams
· Real-life experiences shared by the author, her friends, and her clients

Author Christine Arylo, who almost married the wrong guy for all the wrong reasons, speaks to women of all ages, whether they’re seeking a relationship, evaluating a less-than-fulfilling one, rebounding from a bad breakup, or working through issues with a partner. Choosing ME before WE teaches women to stop settling, to get real about the kind of partner they’re looking for, and to start exploring and creating what they truly want in themselves and their relationships.


“A savory, sassy read for every woman seeking more than a fleeting fairy tale.”
Kimberly Wilson, author of Hip Tranquil Chick

“With wit and wisdom, Arylo teaches us how to find the answers about love and relationships inside ourselves. From here we can accomplish our most heartfelt dreams.”
Marcia Wieder, founder and CEO of Dream University®

“Christine Arylo offers the tips and tools a woman needs to fall in love with her ultimate soul mate: herself. And from that foundation, she can find a ‘he’ and create a healthy and supportive ‘we.’ Every woman should have Choosing ME before WE on her nightstand.”
Christine Hassler, author of 20 Something, 20 Everything