The Prophet Muhammad Islam and the Divine Message by Stephen Burge

The Prophet Muhammad Islam and the Divine Message by Stephen Burge

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Prophets serve as intermediaries between the human and divine worlds, granting them a special status in history across diverse religions and cultures. For Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad (570–632 CE) represents the culmination of the line of monotheistic prophets, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus. In his own lifetime, Muhammad overcame opposition and brought reforms, firmly establishing a thriving community of believers which would become a major world civilisation. Today, the Prophet's life and actions continue to inspire the Muslims worldwide.

The Prophet Muhammad presents an illuminating portrait of Muhammad in his capacity as God's messenger and an exemplary figure to Muslims. Revealing the challenges and triumphs of prophecy, Stephen Burge examines how prophets have inspired faith communities' relationship with the Divine, and one another. In doing so, this engaging account elucidates the enduring influence of prophecy and the profound legacy of the Prophet Muhammad.

Table of Contents

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1. Who is a Prophet?
2. Writing the Life of Muhammad
3. Prophetic Past, Prophetic Future
4. Divine Commission
5. Prophetic Mission
6. The Resilient Prophet
7. The Prophet's Legacy

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