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A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life

First published a decade ago, A Writer's Book of Days has become the ideal writing coach for thousands of writers. Newly revised, with new prompts, up-to-date Web resources, and more useful information than ever, this invaluable guide offers something for everyone looking to put pen to paper — a treasure trove of practical suggestions, expert advice, and powerful inspiration.

Judy Reeves meets you wherever you may be on a given day with:

      •  get-going prompts and exercises

      •  insight into writing blocks

      •  tips and techniques for finding time and creating space

      •  ways to find images and inspiration

      •  advice on working in writing groups

    •  suggestions, quips, and trivia from accomplished practitioners
Reeves's holistic approach addresses every aspect of what makes creativity possible (and joyful) — the physical, emotional, and spiritual. And like a smart, empathetic inner mentor, she will help you make every day a writing day.

Named one of the five hottest writing books by Writer's Digest



“This book dances around the imagination and makes you take out your pens and journal to play.”
SARK, artist/author of Succulent Wild Woman

“Any time someone asks me for writing tips — How can I start? What do you do about writer's block? — I suggest they peruse this wonderful compendium of writing lore, empathy, and daily practice.”
Janet Fitch, author of Paint It Black and White Oleander

“A delightful mix of commonsense and inspiration…I suggest this book to every writing seminar graduate — a way to take the experience home and carry on.”
Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher and Life's Companion

“Sure to quench the thirst for inspiration. Reeves's work will find the creative in every writer, and bring it dancing onto the page.”
Fiction Writer

“An invaluable guide for the writer…Full of delicious prompts, exercises, insights, and inspirational tips, it will get people who dream of becoming real writers to do what real writers do — sit down joyfully and get to work!”
Steve Kowit, author of In the Palm of Your Hand