Fairy Dreams HEM Incense 20 Sticks

Fairy Dreams HEM Incense 20 Sticks

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20 Incense Sticks Single Pack, HEM, Zen Aromatherapy
Incense Sticks
Theme: Fairy Dreams
Genuine aroma and very high quality
High Quality Product
Product Description


In this sale, you will receive 6 Hexagonal Boxes of 20 Incense Sticks in each box, totaling to 120 Incense Sticks of the Fragrance you choose above.


These Incense sticks are hand crafted in India to ensure a genuine aroma and are of very high quality. The detailed packaging of the boxes make them perfect for gifts.

Burning Incense is done for a variety of purposes including, Spirituality, Religious purposes, Aromatherapy, Meditation and just simply to enjoy in your home.