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Ohio Flint Tumbled Bulk

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Nether's Farm, Licking County, OH

Gem quality 

Flint was one of the most important materials in pre-European Eastern America and the seam that Flint Ridge State Park stands-on nearby was the most important source. Knives, spears, arrowheads and a fire starting technology. You can't ask for much more from a rock! Specimens of local flint have been found at ancient Native American sites from Maine to Florida.

Flint is a part of the Chalcedony (micro-crystalline quartz) family, often with small inclusions of crystalline clear quartz druze. Flint is not a very chemically pure quartz variety, the large amounts of impurities and its fine-grained structure make it opaque. It formed through an ancient coral reef meta-morphing into the colorful jasper we see today.. The color is caused by inclusions of organic compounds left by ancient sea life, metal sulfides (black), and various metal oxides and hydroxides (yellow, orange, brown, reddish, etc.)    

Hardness: 7 

Structure:  Micro-crystalline Quartz 

Zodiac:  Scorpio, Leo, Libra 

Chakras: (All) Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Properties: Protective manifestation Stone 

Physical:  Contains properties of Chalcedony, Helps to connect the astral body to the physical form, 

Emotional:  Helps to bring ones focus back to the physical plane, Soothing colors 

Spiritual:  Flint can help you cut ties with people who do not serve your highest good . Indigenous peoples have used Flint to help rid a location of spirits that are not welcome. It helps us to tap into the energy of the ancestors of this land.Grounds the etheric body into the earth, Useful for divination, card reading, or other spiritual works, Connects us to mother earth and the previous inhabitants of this land.