Tarot Correspondences Ancient Secrets Everyday
Tarot Correspondences Ancient Secrets Everyday

Tarot Correspondences Ancient Secrets Everyday

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Use the Power of Correspondences to Breathe New Life and Magic into Your Tarot Practice


Correspondences are woven into the structure of every modern deck. Focusing on four main systems of correspondences―the elements, astrology, numbers, and Kabbalah―this remarkable book helps you integrate the images, associations, and myths that have allowed the tarot to resonate across many centuries and cultures.

Author T. Susan Chang provides comprehensive correspondence tables for court cards, majors, minors, and the four suits, making this book your must-have resource whether you're a student, professional reader, spiritual seeker, or magical practitioner. Tarot Correspondences also shares methods for working with correspondences in readings, focusing on elements, astrology, numbers, or Kabbalah separately or in combination. You'll also discover meditation and visualization exercises, creative interpretation techniques, and tips for using correspondences to enhance spells and magical rituals. With this book, you'll create a powerful system that helps you journey deep into the cards and strengthen your practice.


"Tarot Correspondences is a great investment in your tarot journey whether you're a new or seasoned reader."―New Spirit Journal